No common agenda in sight

Despite enormous public attention to the increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, a global agenda to solve the problem is not in sight. This is the critical finding of the first POLYPROBLEM Report, which the Röchling Foundation and the consulting firm Wider Sense have jointly published under the title POLYPROBLEM.

Not a day goes by without major media reports on plastics in the environment. Sometimes it’s about spectacular ideas for cleaning up the oceans, sometimes about new insights on microplastics, sometimes about actions for a plastic-reduced life. “Many of these initiatives are not just running side by side. In some cases, the arguments and approaches to action also contradict each other,” the authors summarize.

The publication compiles the most important challenges, approaches to solutions and players in a compact overview and offers orientation for all those who want to get involved in the field of plastics and the environment. Who is pursuing which goal? What are the different priorities? And above all: is there a prospect of a global plan?

In order to answer these questions, the authors spoke with international experts. They analysed the most important networks and their strategies and compiled a transparent list of the sources of information relevant to the topic.

POLYPROBLEM helps all those who wish to gain a holistic view of the plastic problem and derive their own options from it.

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