The market for recycled plastics is broken – this is the central finding of the latest POLYPROBLEM topic report. “Treasure Hunt” is the second POLYRPOBLEM topic report of this year. This time, the report was conducted in cooperation with cirplus. Its goal is to not only summarize the situation regarding the recycling of plastics, but …

The next POLYPROBLEM topic report is already in the starting blocks and will be available shortly. As with the first report, a series of online seminars accompanying the reports’ highly urgent topic will also launch next year. Stay curious and tuned!

The current POLYPROBLEM Report is now available. “The Waste of Others – About the responsibility for the flood of plastic in Asia” takes a close look at the difficult path to a regulated waste management system in the hotspots of the Global South. We have gathered facts and talked to experts, comparing different approaches and initiatives.

Sharing knowledge, joining forces, working together. These are the goals of the POLYPROBLEM initiative founded by the non-profit Röchling Foundation and the consulting firm WIDER SENSE. POLYPROBLEM provides analyses, good practice examples and hands-on assistance. Made for all organisations that want to contribute to solving the problem of plastic waste. Read about what we have set out to do and what we already offer.

As welcome as the variety of activities from civil society, science, business and politics may seem, a concerted approach and an urgently needed synchronisation of measures is a long way off. This is the critical finding of the POLYPROBLEM study published in 2019. International experts describe what urgently needs to be done now.